Album #3
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What's on the Menu?

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1 Red Beans Cookin'0:21Click to play!
2 One True Love0:22Click to play!
3 My Baby0:20Click to play!
4 Sing It0:21Click to play!
5 It's Your Voodoo Workin'0:20Click to play!
6 Blue Mood0:19Click to play!
7 Out of the Rain0:24Click to play!
8 What's On the Menu0:22Click to play!
9 Steamroller Blues0:26Click to play!
10 Too Many Cooks0:20Click to play!
11 Hard Times0:22Click to play!
12 Lover Divine0:20Click to play!
13 Big Bad Handsom Man0:20Click to play!
14 Fambee Montalbanaise0:20Click to play!
15 Pennsylvania Polka0:20Click to play!
16 Indifferenc0:23Click to play!
17 Sheenah's Reel / fair-haired Mary0:22Click to play!
Julie McCarl
Album #2

Love's De' Bottom Line

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1 Mardi Gras With Me0:18Click to play!
2 Love's De' Bottom Line0:19Click to play!
3 Choo Choo Ch'Boogie0:24Click to play!
4 Mardi Gras Mambo0:24Click to play!
5 Please Be Sweet0:26Click to play!
6 Jambalaya0:28Click to play!
7 I Need a Drink0:35Click to play!
8 Fever0:21Click to play!
9 Accordion Junkie0:18Click to play!
10 Every Night of the Week0:19Click to play!
11 Mama's Cookin'0:22Click to play!
12 High Blood Pressure0:23Click to play!
Bodacious Live
Album #1

Sweet Dreams and Lullabies

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1 Look to the Children0:21Click to play!
2 Who Will Buy?0:27Click to play!
3 On the Sunny Side of the Street0:25Click to play!
4 Zip-a-dee-doo-dah0:16Click to play!
5 Sunday in the Country0:28Click to play!
6 Feelin' Groovy0:29Click to play!
7 Ease On Down the Road0:33Click to play!
8 Wynken, Blynken & Nod0:31Click to play!
9 Somewhere Over the Rainbow0:32Click to play!
10 A Child is Born0:28Click to play!
11 Jenny Rebecca0:25Click to play!
12 Hushabye0:35Click to play!
13 Good Nighty-Night0:27Click to play!
Julie McCarl